Anda Ghotala

‘Sunday Ho ya Monday Roz Khao aande’ this punch line could remember by all of us specially to egg lovers.

But, simultaneously we all egg lovers want twist and twirls in our egg recipes. So let me introduce you to one such recipe which is quite famous in Mumbai infact originated there but little stranger for few of us.

The name of the dish is ‘Anda Ghotala’ the name brings little giggle on face but the taste is just awesome. In any of Mumbai dish, the main base for taste is on Tawa and lot of butter.

It is simple to make just add butter saute with onions then tomatoes add degi mirch, pav bhaji masala, grated eggs and topped with half cooked fried eggs.

Your Anda Ghotala is ready, relish it with buttered pav. Cook this super delicious dish in these rainy days and feel like in Mumbai.

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